Big Bang Gets ‘Best Band Style of 2012’ Recognition From MTV Style

Big Bang Korean Fashion

Big Bang Korean Fashion

Kpop is making huge wave internationally recently, owing special thanks to Gangnam Style. But PSY is not the only Korean music sensation hitting the rights notes worldwide. Iconic idol group Big Bang had already made their own mark not just in the Kpop world, but also in the fashion world and getting acknowledged by MTV Style.

MTV Style has made their own list of winning celebrities in fashion for 2012. One category is the ‘Best Band Style’. Getting listed alongside with the likes of Destiny’s Child and One Direction is none other than YG Entertainment’s Big Bang.

Big Bang is one of the successful Kpop boy bands helming at the forefront of Hallyu wave. They dominated the market with their signature funky/hip hop urban beats and their bold, loud and colorful fashion. The boys are not the types to be shy to wear pink, nor neon or silver, prints and patterns.

In picture above, G Dragon counters his naturally effeminate face with a blue streak of hair to match his black, neon blue and green jigsaw-patterned jacket. He wears a leather pants with horizontal slash details to go with his black and gold boots. He tops it off with a chunky metal chain around his neck and a thick metal belt.

Maknae Seungri goes all black except for his white and silver ski boots, but the look is hardly monotonous. His leather jacket sports snug cotton sleeves and is worn over a black shirt with bold red print and punk black pants with spikes skimming his legs. Taeyang is spotted wearing the same black and gold ski boots as G Dragon, but pairs it instead with zebra print jeans, a comfortable black graffiti printed hoodie jacket. His signature sky-high fringe accentuates the look.

Daesung does a sleek side-swept blonde hairdo with a neon pink and orange camouflage jacket over a neon pink shirt, with a wide black belt and jeans with one side a darker shade of denim than the other. He wears the same silver and white boots as Seungri. TOP dons the low cut version. He does hot pink too but in a graphic pattern with purple and black on his jacket. His chunky pendant pulls the pink together with his silver-wash pants and boots.

Big Bang Korean Fashion

Big Bang Korean Fashion

If you think all the details are in place, you missed a spot. The boys of Big Bang care for fashionable nails as well, as MTV Style has gushed about. G Dragon and TOP sport silver MINX nails to finally complete their ensemble.

Feeling inspired yet? Throw out your inhibitions today and go wild and MTV-Style-worthy like the Big Bang boys.

Big Bang Korean Fashion

Big Bang Korean Fashion

Source: MTV Style, Minx

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