How To Use Hair Accessories | Asian Hair

Here’s some great examples of how to use pretty asian hair accessories to add some zest to your normal daily hair. They can also help you hide a bad hair day , so be sure be experiment with these great looks!

1) Pretty ribbon hairband

This goes well with permed hair, be it short, mid-length or long.  Long straight hair will look good with this too. Remember to put the hairband straight down on the middle part of the head, leaving the fringe and some of the hair in front untouched. 



2) Pretty Rubber Hair Band

Tie a pretty ponytail sideways with a nice butterfly or flower rubber band or bun it up sideways (do the Korean bun!  Watch the video on how to tie it on our site).



3) Pretty Hair Clips

This is one of the popular asian hair look for gals. Part your fringe sideways and clip them with a nice hair clip  for that occasional feminine and dainty look.