Amazing Power of Makeup

There’s a Chinese saying that goes ‘there’s no ugly women in the world, only lazy women’. Considering the fact that there’s thousand and one makeup products that’s widely available to women around the world at all kinds of prices, there’s really no excuses for women to look ugly. Besides using makeup to hide flaws and enhance features, it also has the power to change a woman’s look dramatically. With the right makeup techniques and the products, you can still look like a completely different person without going through the pain and trauma of cosmetic surgery. Don’t believe how drastic it can be? Take a look at the video below to see the shocking before/after looks of 2 young ladies in Taiwan. These ladies are famous on the Internet in Taiwan from the pretty pictures they posted on their blogs. In this variety show, they go bare-face to show the public for the first time and then do a live demonstration on how they put on makeup. You will find out how false eye-lashes, black contact lens, dark eyeliners and smokey eye-shadows can do wonders. It’s unbelievable, yet amazing…

  • Mee

    I don’t think the girls were ugly without all the make up. I agree that make up can change a lot, but putting on tons of make up to hide your real face sometimes seems ridiculous. However, I do use make up myself and I like how it can enhance your natural features or change you completely… (: