5 Things You Need To Look Like A Cool Hip Hop Babe!

In as much as most girls likes to dress up all preppy and cute, I’d dare say not all girls prefer the miniskirt and the dress. Thus we turn to the other side of fashion where comfort and style converge.

If you think hip hop fashion is only limited for the guys, you might want to read this article till the end and learn that women can wear an edgy and stylish hip hop/street fashion perfect for those days that just feels like you want to run away from the girly stuff.

Ladies, allow us and these ladies of Unpretty Rapstar2 show you what swag and style is all about.

1) Oversized shirt



You might say this is an obvious, but I just can’t skip it from the list.

Oversized shirts definitely will gives off that strong and free look to anyone who wears it. It is also very comfortable that makes you feel like you can face anything that comes your way.

Go on and just pair it off with your favourite jeans, leggings or shorts.

2)Hoop earrings



You might think there’s nothing swag about hoop earrings, but they sure are big enough to add some bling!

Bling-blings are quite essential when we talk about hip hop fashion, they add a little luster to the monochrome colors the style usually sports.

Hoop earrings in the hip hop world are usually the big and noticeable ones. You can actually just skip the necklace, bracelets (and even the grillz) and just settle for these hoops instead

3)Jagger pants



Track suites? Now that’s so hip hop!

But if you’re not into wearing terno pieces then you can always be just fine with a good pair of Jagger pants.

Jaggers are surprisingly very flexible when it comes to fashion (and very comfortable as well), you can pair it up with anything.

You can wear it with a good pair of dunks or even wear it with a crop top and your favorite pair of heels and walk down the streets all swag and sexy.




Yes, hoodies are already understood to be a part of the trend, yet we just can’t leave out these zip up or button up jackets. Baggy cover ups are just essential to the hip hop trend that they make a vital piece in the fashion.

These pieces, when paired up with a good crop top, can give off that swag yet sexy feel to your fashion.

5) Beanies



As you know, snapbacks are a famous accessory when it comes to the hip hop, but lately beanies are starting to take their reign.

A lot of beanies come in fancy designs that will best suit any clothes you wear.

Beanies are just headpieces that you might think are pretty much unnecessary. But they definitely add up a great impact in your everyday fashion.


Hip hop fashion is not always about the baggy clothes all over. You just have to know the vital pieces that you can use to mix and match with your favorite clothing in order to inject even just a little swag to your fashion.

So, have fun dressing up ladies, peace out!