5 Korean Dolls That We Totally Love!

If you are into Korean drama, you will probably love those period drama like Empress Ki, Dae Jang Geum, Hwang Jin Yi and the likes. What I love about these drama in ancient setting are the beautiful traditional Korean Hanbok worn by the actresses.

They are so exquisite!

Recently on Amazon, I came across some pretty Korean dolls that I just had to share them here. If you are into dolls like me, you will probably drool after some of them like me!

1) Princess of The Korean Court – By Mattel

Barbie doll in Hanbok! How cute is that? At $49.95 on Amazon, this one will probably be a great buy as a collector’s item.


2) Korean Display Doll 1

You can probably find one these dolls in Korean souvenir shops. Still, I love the exquisite the face, totally asian and Korean!


3) Korean Display Doll 2

Another display doll with beautiful Hanbok.


4) Yeonji Doll 1

This doll has ball joints, so it’s body and limbs are movable and can be rotated to make it look more life-like. I absolutely adore the costume !


5) Yeonji Doll 2

Another beautiful Yeonji doll. Apparently, this doll is very popular in Korea now!


And that’s it for now. I’ll update on this post if I come across more cute korean dolls!