Korean Winter Fashion


"Walking in the Winter Wonderland!" Well, that’s probably the best song fitting for this time because winter is here. You might be either loving it for the cold and fun vibe it gives, or hating it because you will be forced to hide yourself inside layers and layers of clothing just to keep … [Continue reading]

2 Types Of Korean Men That We Love


As diverse as the world can be, you might think that the male population has also a lot of different classifications. But if you ask me, there is only two types of guys in this world. And that is the “Manly” ones, and the ones not so manly enough that I choose to call the “Cute” ones. In the sense … [Continue reading]

New Hallyu Trend – Face Masks and Airport Fashion

Mark Tuan (GOT7)

In this modern world where we always strive for perfection, there’s just flaws that we can’t change, thus we try cover them up. But what these kpop stars do, who are already so close to perfect, doesn’t really succeed in covering up, instead they just shine more under those covers. Now let's check … [Continue reading]

9 Lovely Butterfly Things That We Love


Butterflies tend to be associated with gracefulness, elegance, beauty, feminism, charm and gentleness. Today we'll show you 9 butterfly items that you … [Continue reading]

5 Things You Need To Look Like A Cool Hip Hop Babe!


In as much as most girls likes to dress up all preppy and cute, I’d dare say not all girls prefer the miniskirt and the dress. Thus we turn to the … [Continue reading]

5 Korean Dolls That We Totally Love!


If you are into Korean drama, you will probably love those period drama like Empress Ki, Dae Jang Geum, Hwang Jin Yi and the likes. What I love about … [Continue reading]

How To Wear Peplum Dresses


After Michelle Williams showcasing her fabulous peplum gown on the Oscar red capet, trend of peplum seem to have a resurgence. With a flared ruffle … [Continue reading]

Uber Cute Bags For Ending The Year 2013!

[Continue reading]

Essential Tips On Building a Great Style

Fashion Trends

In modern society, styles and fashions come and go in the blink of an eye. That said, you can learn to make sense of it all. You need not be lost … [Continue reading]

Shinee Key Fashion


SHINee's Key is a rising fashionista. From colorful mix to funky outfits, this lad is truly making his mark in the Kpop fashion scene. Here's some … [Continue reading]