How To Wear Peplum Dresses


After Michelle Williams showcasing her fabulous peplum gown on the Oscar red capet, trend of peplum seem to have a resurgence. With a flared ruffle around the waist, lots of dresses tailored in this way are everywhere this spring. For a simple lady-like take on this trend, look no further than the … [Continue reading]

Uber Cute Bags For Ending The Year 2013!

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Essential Tips On Building a Great Style

Fashion Trends

In modern society, styles and fashions come and go in the blink of an eye. That said, you can learn to make sense of it all. You need not be lost about fashion, keep reading for more tips to keep ahead of the style game. Classics Never Fail For the bulk of the budget you have for fashion, buy … [Continue reading]

Shinee Key Fashion


SHINee's Key is a rising fashionista. From colorful mix to funky outfits, this lad is truly making his mark in the Kpop fashion scene. Here's some … [Continue reading]

Go Wild With Leggings

Angel Leggings

Summer is the best time to get adventurous and have little fun with your dressing. Afterall, you only have a few months to do so before autumn comes … [Continue reading]

Sweet Short Hairstyles for 2013

Asian Women Hairstyles

If long flowing hair is to feminine princesses, short sweet hair is to sweet and charming ladies. Short hair styles are an excellent alternative to … [Continue reading]

Onew and Taemin’s Floral and Plaid Fashion For “Dream Girl” Teaser

Onew Korean Fashion

SHINee is back! Well, not just yet but soon enough surely, as the popular noona-baiting group has already released fabulous teaser photos of its … [Continue reading]

Asian Women Hair Colors and Styles For Spring 2013


Winter transitioning into spring signal three things returning to colorful life--leaves, fashion and hair styles. If you are an ardent follower of … [Continue reading]

Infinite Says “I Love Pet”

Infinite Korean Fashion

How much do you love your pet? So much that you want to have them near your heart at all times? Well that seems to be what the boys of Infinite are … [Continue reading]

Wonder Girls, SNSD Looking Fashionable in Sunye’s Wedding

SNSD Korean Fashion

On January 26th, Wonder Girls' leader Sunye did the unprecedented thing in her group--she got married! There was a lot of hype about her luxurious … [Continue reading]